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Western Group of Temples in Khajuraho

The western group of temples is the best and the largest group of temples in Khajuraho. Basically these temples has the theme in which the women is celebrated the festival with the joy and all the aspects.Each temple has the entrance gate, assembly hall and also the actual sanctum.Khajuraho is famous capital for the Temples and once been the capital of Chandela Empire. These Khajuraho temples are fully decorated and located in the amidst of the green fields, flowerbeds and also the natural surroundings all around.These temples embrace the most passionate and outstanding sculptures of Khajuraho. From which some of the temple are listed below:

Kandariya Mahadeo: In the western group of temples,it is believed that the Kandariya Mahadeo is the largest temple which has the 900 statues which is the perfect significance of the art.Here you can see the 31m high image of Lord Shiva and also the medium sized Devi jagdambi Temple.Its wall has the images of the various Gods, Goddesses and the heavenly maidens.It is a beautiful temple which attracts the tourists.

Chaunsat Yogini : Chaunsat Yogini temple is the major center of attraction as it is the oldest temple of the western group.It is believed that this temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kali.

Chitragupta Temple : Chitragupta Temple is the temple that is dedicated to the Surya.The major attraction of the temple is 5 feet tall image of the Sun God.Also see the other images of the royal processions, group dances and other pictures.

Vishwanath Temple : This temple is dedicated to the Lord Brahma,and also the famous temple of the Western Group.The series of Lions guarded the door of the north side and the elelphants guarded the door of the southern side. The shrine of Nandi bull lies in the opposite direction.

Lakshamana Temple : This temple is a beautiful shrine which is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.It has the three-headed images of Narasimha and Varaha, Lord Vishnu.At the entrance of the gate the roof beam is adorned with the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva along with Goddess Lakshmi.

Matangeshwara Temple : Matangeshwara Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and it is a house of the eight feet tall Shivalingam and this temple is positioned to the outer grounds of the western group.Here you can also see the open-air Archaeological Museum.